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Melissa and party guest cupcake and frosting Melissa and teens at cooking party

Today’s Mother & Daughter Tea Party was such a joyful event! It was the first (of many) collaborations with the darling Melissa Randall of Baking with Melissa. The girls just loved decorating their cupcakes.
Jane from Any for Tea? Catering Company, Los Angeles

We had a cupcake baking party from scratch for my daughter's 7th birthday. When Melissa walked in the door with her dazzling outfit, the kids were all WOWED! She is was so well prepared and engaging with all the kids. It was a very interactive and hands-on party...not to mention the party was perfectly timed! Melissa brings everything (it is so cute) and she cleans up everything too! SCORE! It was so fun, memorable and easy! I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a party for your little bakers (and big bakers too).
Dawn, Los Angeles Mom

We just had a party with Baking with Melissa this past Saturday and WE HAD A BLAST! Melissa is very nice, patient, and so wonderful with the kids! We will definitely recommend her to everyone for a great baking party! Thanks again, Melissa, for a great party!
Elaine, Los Angeles Mom

My 5 year old boy, Reign, had so much FUN! What a great B-day party idea!!!
Tina, Los Angeles Mom

My daughter loves to bake and wanted a baking themed 9th birthday party! Melissa helped me create one of the best, most-memorable and EASIEST parties that I have ever given (and with 3 kids, that’s a lot of parties)! Melissa set everything up and ran the whole party for the next two and a half hours! They made beautiful treats; she led them in a craft, and played a food tasting game with them. When every cupcake had been frosted, Melissa cleaned up the entire kitchen and left the party in what seemed to be a magical poof, not unlike a modern Mary Poppins! I would highly recommend hiring Baking with Melissa for children and grown-up parties alike!
Jamie, Los Angeles Mom

Melissa hosted a great party for my 12-year-old and 5 of her friends. The cupcakes were delicious & the girls had a blast. What impressed me most was Melissa's ease with the kids - the perfect blend of management and letting them cut loose and have fun, very age appropriate. As an added bonus, my spouse & I got to sit back and watch the fun, and Melissa left the kitchen completely clean.
Michelle, Venice Beach Mom

I have had the utmost pleasure of knowing and ordering Melissa’s sweet treats for 3 years now! So far, everything I have bought from Melissa is scrumptious, delicious, and beautifully packaged. Also, she is one of the most delightful people I have ever met! Melissa is happy, outgoing and has a sparkling personality! Baking with Melissa is a winner in my book.
Mae from 321 acting Studios, Los Angeles

Melissa is prompt and pleasant and extremely professional! She came looking the part and my daughter and her friends were immediately drawn to her! Melissa knows how to engage with the kids in a fun and funny way, while still really teaching them about the art of baking!
Olivia, Los Angeles Mom


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